Performance Exhaust Systems

Whatever you drive, Vortex design and manufacture a range of unique exhaust technologies that increase engine power, reduce emissions and improve fuel economy.

More power • More torque • More mpg • More enjoyment

Vortex Exhaust Technology unlocks maximum engine efficiency – whatever you drive

High quality stainless steel exhaust systems for a wide range of applications

MX5 exhausts
4x4 exhausts
motorsport exhausts
Ambulance exhaust study
Fleet & Blue Light
industrial exhausts

Vortex featured on Wheeler Dealers!

“Vortex is a fantastic exhaust system and ticks all the boxes; smoother acceleration, more power, more mpg, lower emissions and sounds awesome!”
Edd China, Wheeler Dealers


land rover
Check out our Direct Fit Vortex systems for Landrover. Designed to fit all models of Landrover Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Ranger-Rover and Evoque!

Unlock your sense of adventure

Whatever and wherever you drive, Vortex Performance Exhaust Systems transform your driving experience

Our technology improves engine efficiency and performance, resulting in increased MPG, reduced CO2 and NOx emissions but still delivers significant power gains, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of more power in your drive.

A VortexTM ecofloTM exhaust can improve a car’s fuel consumption by 3- 8 MPG and drive down emissions by 33%.

So now you can enjoy performance and power gains and still reduce your impact on the environment.

More Torque

“The difference Vortex has made to the towing ability of my Discovery is amazing. I can now tow with confidence, accelerate and drive up inclines with ease and I don’t have to change down gears. At the same time my fuel economy has gone up by 4-5 MPG”

Paul Williamson – International Sales Director – Discovery

More MPG

“Average fuel consumption pre-Vortex has been around 27 MPG mark. We have now carried out some test and we are pleasantly surprised to find that this has gone up to 31 MPG with substantially more power”

Manfields 4×4 – Ralph – Sales Director – Freelander

More Power

“Vortex turned my season around to winning races, it’s the best exhaust system available”

Aiden Moffat – British Touring Car Driver

More Enjoyment

“Pure excellence, I never believed that an exhaust could make such a difference”

Terry Grant – Top 10 Guinness World Record Holder

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