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Range Rover Sport Exhaust Systems

Range Rover Sport owners who want improved economy and reduced emissions choose Vortex exhaust systems

Our system is especially good for high-mileage drivers, saving you hundreds in fuel costs, increasing Brake Horse Power and improving MPG. For example, a typical family car fitted with a Vortex Torqflo exhaust consumes 10% less fuel. On an annual mileage of approximately 12,000 miles, that can equate to a saving of £300 a year. We supply a range of direct fit exhaust systems for Range Rovers so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.
Vortex systems are ideal for a wide range of vehicles including Land RoverLand Rover DiscoveryLand Rover EvoqueLand Rover DefenderRange Rover, AudiSkoda and VW!

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Range rover sport exhaust system
Range rover sport exhaust system
Range rover sport exhaust system

Sound takes centre stage

Vortex’s unique sound capabilities can range from military grade stealth to a head-turning shriek, with a throaty roar in between. Talk to your fitting specialist to tune your engine for the effect you want.

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