Whatever and wherever you drive, Vortex Exhaust high performance exhaust systems transform your driving experience.

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Custom Exhaust Romford

Get a high-quality custom exhaust for your vehicle in Romford from Vortex. We specialist in enhancing engine efficiency and performance in cars as well as motorsport, fleet and industrial applications. As a result of having one of our custom exhausts fitted you will notice significant power gains, improved MPG and dramatically reduced emissions. We supply patented systems that are uniquely efficient and can be used on everything from high performance cars to 4x4s, commercial vehicles, race cars, motorhomes, motorbikes, trains, drones and ships as well as industrial, off-road and marine equipment. The cost-effective solutions we deliver are built to last and will transform your driving experience. With all the money saving benefits the Vortex exhaust brings, your new system will soon have paid for itself and its durability means you’ll never need to change your exhaust again.

Fully customised exhaust system suppliers with customers across Romford

Having a custom exhaust designed for your vehicle will make it as efficient as possible and the sound it produces can be adjusted to suit your needs; your tuning specialist can take it from military grade stealth to a throaty roar or a head-turning shriek. Vortex have created a new generation of exhaust technologies, providing a practical and significant solution to significantly reduce emissions. Every standard stainless steel system comes with a lifetime’s guarantee and can be fitted in a matter of hours at our workshop in Essex. Following the fitting, your vehicle’s engine will feel less restricted and you will enjoy the thrill of more power in your drive. We guarantee the finest British manufacturing at our purpose-built facility with excellent quality control and quality assurance of all parts and assembly. There are no negative side effects to choosing a Vortex custom exhaust system and we have over 13 years of industry experience, so a member of the team will be happy to help if you have any questions.

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Custom Exhaust Romford
Custom Exhaust Romford
Custom Exhaust Romford

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Sound takes centre stage

Vortex’s unique sound capabilities can range from military grade stealth to a head-turning shriek, with a throaty roar in between. Talk to your fitting specialist to tune your engine for the effect you want.

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