Car Exhausts for Road and Track

High quality, stainless steel, performance car exhausts that improve engine efficiency, delivering more MPG, more torque and more enjoyment!

Performance Car Exhausts

This isn’t just another performance exhaust

This is Vortex™ Raceflo™

High Performance Car Exhausts for Road and Track

The Vortex™ raceflo™ resonator is our performance exhaust system for race car owners and track day enthusiasts wanting to improve their car’s engine performance characteristics.

With a Vortex Raceflo exhaust you’ll get at least a 10% increase in brake horse power (BHP), and more than 10% increase in torque (NM). This is in addition to all performance gains resulting from any other improvements made to the engine.

  • +10% Brake Horse Power (BHP)

  • +10% Torque (NM)

  • +10% MPG improvement

  • Cuts Emissions

Performance exhaust systems for road and track
Vortex Raceflo - the ultimate Performance Exhaustraceflo exhaust

Vortex™ Sportsflo™

For car owners who want the power gains of a Vortex Raceflo exhaust, combined with the economical benefits of the Vortex Ecoflo system, we have developed Sportsflo™.

Vortex Sporsflo is typically fitted to vehicles producing between 100 – 250 bhp and can increase a car’s power and torque by over 10% as well as reduce fuel consumption by at least 10% and emissions by up to 33%.

Performance exhaust for Ford Fiesta ST

Sound Takes Centre Stage

Vortex’s unique sound capabilities can range from military grade stealth to a head-turning shriek, with a throaty roar in between. Talk to your fitting specialist to tune your engine for the effect you want.

Hear the Vortex Sound